Yellow Corn Tortilla

Mexican Style Tortillas

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Corn tortillas are essential in the Mexican cuisine. Usually made of 3-4 simple ingredients (depending of the type of tortilla) such as corn flour, water and salt making them a naturally gluten free food.

A corn tortilla contains fiber, whole grains, and is low on fat and calories.


Basic ingredients give the tortilla a light simple flavour that allows them to be pair with almost any type of food. Generally eaten hot with a filling of chicken, meat, cheese or vegetables. It looks like an unleavened flatbread, its round and can fold softly into a taco or roll for a “flauta”. Also, you can fry/bake it to make hard tacos or chop them to make corn-chips or “totopos”.

Yellow corn tortillas are made from yellow corn kernels with a stronger corn flavour. Nutrient wise, yellow corn have beta-carotene (that turns into vit A during digestion) which gives them a slighter higher nutritional value than white corn. Ideal for corn-chips and tacos.



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About this product
Made with love and respecting tradition

Corn flour, water, salt, vinegar, calcium hydroxide.


✓ 🌽 Gluten-Free

✓ 🥬 Vegan

✓ 🇲🇽 Authentic Mexican Tortilla

🌮 Perfect for Tacos & Quesadillas.

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Dimensions 7 × 2 × 10 cm
Gluten Free

This tortilla is gluten free


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